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Lamson & Cutner, P.C., is Accredited to Give Courses to Social Workers for CE Credit
The New York State Education Department instituted a requirement that, “[b]eginning January 1, 2015, each Licensed Master Social Worker (LMSW) and Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) must complete 36 hours of approved continuing education courses for each triennial registration period.” Social workers are now required to gain CE credits in order to maintain their licenses. […]
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Why Nursing Homes and Hospitals Refer Clients to Lamson & Cutner, P.C.
An open letter from David Cutner Lamson & Cutner provides the highest level of professional and ethical representation for its clients, using means and methods that actually benefit third party providers as well.   Here is how: Contents Private pay vs. Medicaid pay A financially responsible payer An accurate pick-up date Medicaid pending The NAMI Elder Law […]
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Medicaid Nursing Home Care
If you need long term skilled nursing care and are financially eligible under New York’s laws, you can have your nursing home care paid for by Medicaid. This is different from Community Medicaid, the other type of Medicaid available to New Yorkers. Since New York has a generous Medicaid program, it is possible for nursing […]
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Supplemental Needs Trust In NYC, Westchester, & The NY Metro Area
Supplemental Needs Trusts (sometimes called “Special Needs Trusts”) are special Trusts, authorized by the government, which allow disabled persons to protect their assets while they are receiving government benefits.  For a disabled person who may have myriad needs such as a handicapped-accessible home, special clothing, transportation, food, furniture, and countless other accommodations, using up one’s […]
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Medicaid Trust (Irrevocable Grantor Trust)
Many people are unaware that creating a Medicaid Trust in NYC, Westchester, or the NY Metro area can help them protect the assets they have accumulated over a lifetime of hard work.  A trust, as used in Elder Law planning, is a legal entity that allows you to preserve assets that you might otherwise be […]
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Help Provide for your Disabled Loved One with a Third Party Supplemental Needs Trust
If you are disabled and a friend or family member wants to help provide for your care without endangering your Medicaid or SSI benefits, how can they help? The answer here is usually a Third Party Supplemental Needs Trust. The person providing the assets would put them directly into the trust, rather than transferring them […]
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Trusts in Elder Law and Estate Planning
Trusts are among the main workhorses of Elder Law and estate planning, and are some of its most powerful and valuable tools.  They serve a number of useful purposes.  Most people understand the concept of a Will, but a Trust can serve the identical function as a Will without its inconveniences, and provide significant additional […]
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NYS Community Medicaid Eligibility Will Soon be a Greater Challenge
Be Informed and Take Action Now! While almost everyone was focused on the coronavirus pandemic, the New York State Legislature, flying under the radar, took the opportunity to include new Medicaid rules in the budget.  The changes will make it more difficult for New Yorkers to access Community Medicaid services. Once these changes take effect, […]
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Changes to Community Medicaid Could Have Costly Consequences
The New York State budget enacted in April 2020 made dramatic changes to the state’s Medicaid Program.  Two key, and extremely consequential, changes are (a) a new 30-month “look back” for Community Medicaid services, and (b) new requirements to qualify for Medicaid personal care services.  Due to the pandemic and to major modifications that will […]
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The Dog Days are Here – 6 Reasons Why Older Adults Suffer More from the Heat, and an Additional Source of Risk
As we age, our bodies change naturally, and with these changes come increased risks.  Heat waves can be a serious danger for seniors, particularly those with health challenges.  Here are some of the main reasons why, and some actions you can take to protect yourself during those beastly hot days. Increased Risk Factors for Seniors: […]
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