Medicaid Nursing Home Attorney

Nursing home costs today are absolutely ruinous and unaffordable for most people.

Life’s savings are rapidly depleted, and homes are put in jeopardy, when people attempt to pay for care out of their personal funds. Spouses and other family members can be left in a precarious position, without the resources to pay for their own care if and when it is needed, or even their own living expenses.

Don’t let this happen to you!

Lamson & Cutner’s Medicaid nursing home attorneys and paralegals can devise and implement a reliable, cost-effective strategy for you to receive Medicaid nursing home benefits, and to protect at least a significant portion of your assets at the same time.

Although the five-year “look back” does apply to Medicaid nursing home applications, there are reliable and effective strategies to protect a significant portion of most people’s assets, even when Elder Law planning is initiated at the same time that nursing home care is needed. To find a discussion of the specific strategies that might be used to help you, please see Find Your Situation.

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Find Your Situation