Medicaid Home Care Attorney

In New York, Medicaid has a large and well-funded program to assist seniors and the disabled who are having problems with the activities of daily living (“ADL’s”), and who wish to remain in their own homes.

Home care can be extremely expensive, depending on the number of hours and days required. Many people believe that they have too much money or too much income to qualify for Medicaid benefits, and wind up depleting their life’s savings and putting their homes in jeopardy trying to pay for these services. Most people also incorrectly believe that they will be ineligible for benefits because of Medicaid’s five-year “look back.” In New York, there is no look back for Community Medicaid, which includes home care and assisted living.

The Medicaid home care attorneys and paralegals at Lamson & Cutner can devise and implement a reliable, cost-effective, strategy for you to become eligible for and obtain Medicaid home care and to protect your assets and income at the same time. To find a discussion of the specific strategies that might be used to help you, please see Find Your Situation.

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