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Most people are concerned about their estate plan. They want to minimize taxes, and make sure that their assets are passed on to beneficiaries of their own choosing in the most effective way.

However, an estate plan is not a plan to protect your assets and income against the extremely high costs of long-term care. Those who ignore the risks and costs of long-term care may wind up with an estate of little or no value, and a meaningless estate plan.

Lamson & Cutner’s trusts and estates attorneys believe that effective estate planning must be accompanied in most cases by a health care plan that includes planning for long-term care. The trusts prepared by Lamson & Cutner’s usually serve multiple purposes: facilitating Medicaid eligibility and benefits, protecting assets and income, providing for special needs, putting the estate plan in place, avoiding probate, and minimizing taxes.

Lamson & Cutner’s attorneys also prepare sophisticated estate plans for clients who are not concerned with Medicaid planning.

Estate planning can be complex, but you will always receive a clear and understandable explanation from Lamson & Cutner’s attorneys of the solutions available to meet your goals and objectives.

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