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Lamson & Cutner’s clients come from the entire spectrum of ethnic groups, religions, sexual orientations, and socioeconomic levels. They all share common goals: to obtain or prepare for costly health care or long-term care, to protect their assets and income, and to put in place an effective estate plan to benefit their heirs when they pass on.

Our clients are usually the elderly or disabled person who needs or will need care, but often the process is initiated by that person’s spouse, child, relative, friend, or life partner.

People of modest means sometimes feel they do not have enough money to make Elder Law services worthwhile. This is rarely true; in fact, they are the ones for whom Elder Law planning is the most crucial.

We help our clients protect all or a substantial portion of their assets, and then those assets can be used to maintain their lifestyle and supplement the care Medicaid provides. Without a good plan, their savings will be wiped out. Their lifestyle will suffer dramatically, and they may even be forced to move out of their own home. This can all be avoided with appropriate and proven Elder Law strategies.

Clients with substantial assets who might be able to withstand a “spend down” on health care or long-term care without becoming completely impoverished also want to maintain their lifestyle, and protect their families and heirs. With married couples, planning should take into account the potential needs of both spouses, as their health issues are likely to arise at different times. If the couple’s resources are exhausted by the needs of the first to become ill, the other spouse will be left with little or nothing for her support or care.

Whatever your situation, the Elder Law attorneys at Lamson & Cutner will be able to give you a clear explanation of your rights and options, and design the most cost-effective solution for you.

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