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Our mission is to help our clients obtain the best health care and long-term care available while protecting their assets and income, to maximize their security and comfort, and to create effective estate plans for them. We do  this by using time-tested, reliable strategies that work.

We always make sure that our strategies are properly implemented. For example, if a client’s plan involves the creation of a trust, we don’t leave it to the client to fund the trust. We advise and assist the client in transferring their assets to the trust, including cash and securities, real property, co-op apartments, collections, etc.

We believe in putting clients in the best possible position to make informed decisions about their future regarding their health care, particularly long-term care, and their estate plans. In furtherance of this approach, in most cases we offer fixed fees, so that clients can assess in advance whether the legal services to be provided are cost-effective for them.

Another important aspect of our mission is to educate others, including seniors, caregivers, and healthcare professionals about Elder Law and its possibilities. From the inception of our firm in 2007, we have provided seminars at senior centers, libraries, and houses of worship. Also, Lamson & Cutner was the first law firm to be accredited by the New York State Education Department to provide courses on Elder Law topics for continuing education credit to licensed social workers, mental health counselors, and care managers.

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