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What is the Medicaid “Look Back,” what is the “Penalty Period,” and how do they work?
Many people have heard of the Medicaid “look back” and “penalty period,” but don’t understand what they are or how they work.  Here are the rules and the situations in which they are applicable in New York. First of all:  In New York, there are two categories of Medicaid services:  Community Medicaid and Nursing Home […]
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For Medicaid Benefits – Residency Matters
Where you live can have a major influence on the long-term care benefits you might qualify to receive from Medicaid.  Since Medicaid is in large part funded by state and local dollars, and administered under state law, the state in which you reside will determine whether and how you can qualify for benefits, and the […]
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Predictability + Track Record = Successful Elder Law Planning
Predictability is essential. The essence of successful planning is predictability. You know exactly what’s going to happen because you set it up that way, using the best possible information, advice and methods available. That’s why it’s critical to retain competent professionals to handle your work. Elder Law attorneys have detailed knowledge of trusts, estates, elder […]
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New Hurdles Imposed for Medicaid Applicants in New York State
New York state recently enacted legislation, and declined to moderate existing legislation, that makes accessing the state’s Medicaid program more difficult and complicated.  I. The Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program (“CDPAP”) will undergo major changes.  Currently over 600 companies act as Fiscal Intermediaries (FIs) for the CDPAP program.  These FIs assist people who hire Personal […]
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6 Critical Issues upon Discharge from a Hospital or Rehab
If you or your loved one is being discharged from a hospital or rehab facility, either to a home or to assisted living, focusing on the following six issues can be critical: (Note:  Discharge to a nursing home is not discussed in this article)  This checklist will give you a good starting point to keep […]
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Finalized New York State 2024 Medicaid Limits
The New York Medicaid limits and thresholds for 2024 have been finalized! The NY Medicaid eligibility limits for income and "resources" (assets) are tied to the Federal Poverty Level ("FPL"). 2024 FPL levels were announced some time ago, and New York Medicaid finally confirmed the New York levels yesterday afternoon. Below is our 2024 Medicaid […]
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The Corporate Transparency Act
Attention clients, former clients, and blog readers who own corporations, LLCs, or who have an interest in a trust that owns an LLC or corporation: major changes have been enacted through the Corporate Transparency Act that may affect you. This blog provides a brief description of the Corporate Transparency Act, its requirements, and what the […]
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Medicare Open Enrollment Time is Here
Every year, people who are currently enrolled in a Medicare program have an opportunity to review their coverage and make changes without penalty during the Medicare Open Enrollment period.  There is much to consider when it comes to choosing a plan, and to deciding whether to make any changes.   Open Enrollment runs from October […]
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Hospice Care and Palliative Care are Not the Same
Hospice care is finally getting recognition as a meaningful way to live the rest of your life in the best manner possible, if you have a life-limiting condition.  Palliative care, however, is still widely misunderstood and far less available, though the need for it is large and growing.  How are hospice care and palliative care […]
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The High Cost of Bad Long-Term Care Advice
“You need to use up all your savings before you’re eligible for Medicaid.  It’s called the ‘spend down.’” “Your home is exempt from Community Medicaid.” “You can transfer half your money shortly before you go into a nursing home, and then when you apply for Medicaid, the Penalty Period will be half as long.” “You […]
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