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Probate Proceeding
Probate is a court proceeding initiated after the death of an individual, to collect his or her assets, pay any taxes or debts that may be due, and distribute the remaining assets in accordance with the deceased’s wishes as stated in his or her Will. In New York, the court that oversees the process of […]
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A DNR order is a document that instructs medical personnel that the person listed on the document does not wish to receive CPR if his or her heart and/or breathing stops. It will only take effect if the person is not able to communicate his or her wishes. Medical personnel will automatically perform CPR for […]
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Living Will
A Living Will is another vehicle for having your wishes carried out, but it can be problematic. With a Living Will, you spell out your instructions regarding end-of-life decision making in a formal written document. The difficulty is in its interpretation. Common phraseology such as “if there is little hope of recovery, I would not […]
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Advance Directive Attorney In NYC, Westchester, & The NY Metro Area
Advance directives are documents you put in place ahead of time, that give authority to someone you trust (your “agent”) to act in situations where you are not able to do so yourself, or where you prefer to have your agent’s assistance.  With locations in NYC, Westchester, and the NY metro area, Lamson & Cutner […]
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Estate Planning
Estate planning is typically aimed at the most efficient way to transfer wealth to the next generation.  Most people think of estate planning as a one-time, 'set it and forget it' process, where the goal is solely to give instructions about how they want their assets to pass to their heirs.  While this can be appropriate, at Lamson & […]
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Protecting Your Assets From Nursing Home Costs & Medicaid In NYC, Westchester, & The NY Metro Area
If your spouse and you both need nursing home care, effective long-term care planning guards your money and assets. Elder Law attorneys at Lamson & Cutner can assist with protecting your assets from nursing home costs in NYC, Westchester, & The NY Metro Area.  In some cases, a husband and wife need nursing home care […]
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A Shocking Assumption About Long-Term Care Insurance
An article on the website recently discussed some of the considerations involved when deciding whether to buy long-term care insurance. The article stated that as a rule of thumb, “if your net worth is less than $500,000, then forgo LTC insurance, as you will likely qualify for Medicaid or some other sort of assistance.” […]
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Caregiver Burnout - Issues for a Senior Spouse/Partner
When a parent or spouse begins to require assistance with care, the natural place to look first is to family. Usually, the child or spouse wants to help, and the care required starts out by being limited and manageable. However, particularly in the case of a senior caregiver, it often grows to the point where […]
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When Children Assist Aging Parents
When parents get older and begin needing help, usually they turn to their children first – or the children take the initiative to start providing more assistance to their parents.  But there has probably never been an exactly even split of duties.  Usually one child does the lion’s share of the caregiving, and the others […]
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Getting Past “Medicaid is for Poor People – Not Me”
Many seniors who saved money for retirement, and who are living comfortable lifestyles, reject the idea of applying for Medicaid assistance to pay for long-term care. Medicaid carries a stigma, because they believe that it’s for “poor people” or that they would receive inferior care. Any fear that Medicaid provides inferior care is entirely misplaced. […]
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