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Is it Time to Consider Assisted Living?
Coming to the realization that you or a loved one may need to enter an Assisted Living facility or community can be difficult. For starters, it’s not an easy decision for anyone involved. Moving out of the home into a facility can be a touchy topic of conversation. However, in some cases safety and quality […]
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Communicating with Alzheimer’s Patients
The declining ability to verbally communicate with others is a common trait of those dealing with Alzheimer's disease. While this can be heartbreaking and frustrating for a loved one, communication will become important in every interaction. Communicating with a person with Alzheimer's requires good listening skills, persistence, and calmness. Never stop communicating with an Alzheimer’s […]
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What is the difference between Elder Law and Estate Planning?
I am frequently asked this question.  Some people see Elder Law and estate planning as two distinct practice areas.  As an Elder Law attorney, I see them as being closely related. Estate planning is concerned with the distribution of your assets upon your death, in the way best calculated to carry out your wishes, and […]
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Lamson & Cutner featured in October ABA Journal
Lamson & Cutner’s Continuing Education courses for Social Workers were featured in the October issue of the American Bar Association Journal.  Beginning in January 2015, Social Workers in New York have been required to complete 36 hours of continuing education during every three-year licensing cycle.  Lamson & Cutner was the first law firm to be […]
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Asset Protection is Imperative for Alzheimer's & Dementia Patients
Asset protection is imperative. The course of Alzheimer’s disease can be relatively brief, or it could extend over a period of many years. Many Alzheimer’s and dementia patients do not develop serious physical ailments until the later stages of the condition. Since you may need care for quite a long time, it’s crucial to have […]
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Caregiver Agreement & Alzheimer's Disease.
Gain multiple advantages by ‘hiring’ your children. Statistics reveal that approximately 70% of Alzheimer’s patients receive care at home. In these situations, that of course means relatives are doing a significant amount, if not all, of the work of attending to a patient’s needs. A Caregiver Agreement, also called a Personal Services Contract, is a […]
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It's Not Too Late to Plan an Elder Law Strategy
Planning late is better than never planning. The most obvious yet overlooked Elder Law strategy is simply to be proactive. But most people don’t plan, and as a result suffer severe financial consequences. Asset-preserving steps can even be taken after you’re already in a nursing home. So it’s never too late to plan, and to […]
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Recertification is Essential to Maintain Medicaid Benefits for Alzheimer's & Dementia Patients
Get professional recertification. Once you’re eligible for Medicaid, you’ll have to go through a process of “recertification” every year, to qualify you to continue receiving benefits. Some people who initially get Medicaid with the help of an Elder Law firm, make the mistake of attempting to recertify themselves, and end up being denied any additional […]
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Should I be concerned about avoiding probate?
Avoiding probate is probably not the most important concern for seniors, but it is nevertheless a worthwhile goal and is generally easily achievable. Probate is a court proceeding. It can be frustrating, expensive and subject to delays of all kinds. Also, probate sometimes results in a prolonged dispute among disgruntled family members or others, which […]
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I don’t want to spend money on long-term care insurance – is there anything I can do?
You are not alone. Most seniors cannot afford, and might not qualify anyway, for long-term care insurance. Those who purchased a policy often find that the benefits are insufficient. The best alternative is to consult with an Elder Law attorney about creating a plan to become eligible for Medicaid benefits, and to protect your assets […]
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