What Happens to Your Income When You're in a Home?

Your monthly income, no matter how large or small, will not affect your eligibility for Medicaid Home Care.
However, Medicaid does not ignore income, and there is a limit to monthly
income. In 2020, the limit is $895 per month. If your income is above this
amount, you have “surplus income.”
When you have “surplus income,” you must either contribute it towards the cost
of your care, or deposit it each month into a Pooled Income Trust.
The Pooled Income Trust is specifically designed to protect your “surplus income.”
Using the funds you deposit, the trust will pay your normal living expenses, or for
anything else you need or want, including additional care above and beyond what
Medicaid is providing.
There are certain logistics involved in using a Pooled Income Trust. Also, there
are certain limitations: first, any payments or disbursements from your trust
account must be for your benefit, and not for anyone else. And second, any
money you don’t spend will go to charity if you move to a nursing home or you
pass on.

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