What Happens to Income on Community Medicaid

Your monthly income, no matter how large or small, will not affect your eligibility for Medicaid.

However, Medicaid does not ignore income, and there is a limit to monthly income.  In 2019, the limit is $879 per month [increased to 904 for 2021]. If your income is above this amount, you have what Medicaid considers “surplus income.”

When you have “surplus income,” unless you take the proper steps, Medicaid requires that you contribute that entire amount towards the cost of your care.  This is a problem, because very few people can pay all their living expenses with only $879 [or $904] per month.  Fortunately, there is an alternative: you can deposit your surplus income into a Pooled Income Trust.  

The Pooled Income Trust is specifically designed to protect this income.  After paying the trust a small fee, the money is yours to spend, as long as you spend it on yourself.

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