Medicaid Recertification and Pooled Income Trusts

Generally, once a year every Medicaid Home Care or Community Medicaid recipient must recertify for their Medicaid services. The purpose of recertification is to allow the Medicaid system to verify that the recipient is alive, and to determine that the recipient remains eligible for benefits. This is why Medicaid requires proof of the recipient's current resources, income, and payment of health insurance premiums.

When a Medicaid recipient is using a Pooled Income Trust to protect surplus income, proper documentation regarding the trust will be required in connection with recertification. Documentation should include copies of the Master Trust, the original Joinder Letter, the Approval Letter, and a Verification of Deposits from the Pooled income Trust entity showing that the Medicaid recipient has been depositing their surplus monthly income into the trust account. Some Medicaid recipients or their family members are able to handle the recertification process on their own. However, many find that they need professional assistance. An Elder Law firm can prepare and file the recertification and relieve the stress on the Medicaid recipient and their family.

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