Karen W. Mancuso

Karen is a Senior Attorney, Of Counsel to the firm, providing the sophisticated estate and tax advice its clients often require. As a practicing attorney for more than 35 years, and focusing on Elder Law for the past 25 years, Karen gets the highest recommendation any lawyer can have: repeat clients – lots of them. In fact, in some families, multiple generations have retained her, a clear endorsement of her excellent work.

"When you're dealing with Medicaid, clients need a strong advocate on their side. The amount of detail that needs to be handled in putting together an effective asset protection and estate plan can be overwhelming. I take it step-by-step with each individual, carefully explaining what we're doing at each juncture. I want clients to feel safe and be protected, no matter what the future brings," she says.

Karen's compassion for clients is another attribute that sets her apart from other lawyers. She often comments on how her heart goes out to those who bravely face the difficulties that an ill partner's or parent's situation can present. The strength of character displayed by these clients makes her feel honored to serve them. She recounts one case in which her client was an actor who achieved the status of appearing in a very popular film. Sadly, he later deteriorated and needed nursing facility care. His wife went to the nursing home every day for ten years, making sure he was cared for. Karen developed the asset protection plan that allowed his wife to retain her lifestyle and dignity, with full Medicaid payment for all the services her husband required.

Karen believes it's important for a lawyer to give back to the community, and has been a member of the Kiwanis Club for more than 15 years. She participates in coordinating programs for needy adults and children throughout the New York area.

After graduating from Colgate University, Karen earned her law degree from Cornell University and a Master's Degree in Taxation from New York University. She lives on Long Island with her husband Pete, and has two children.

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