Choosing an Attorney Wisely May Help You Gain Access to the Best Quality Care

How can an Elder Law firm help you get better care? There are two chief reasons why the right firm is important. First, if you or a loved one needs nursing home care, or home care, an experienced Elder Law firm will be able to help you select an appropriate nursing home, or a high quality home care agency. Our firm visits nursing homes on a regular basis, and over the years has developed good relationships with many homes, as well as with home care agencies. In addition, we receive feedback from clients and their families about their experiences. As a result, we are able to make recommendations with personal knowledge and with confidence.

The second reason is that nursing homes and home care agencies have come to know that they can trust and rely upon our firm. They are in business too, and they need accurate information regarding Medicaid eligibility dates, the amount of the patient’s required contribution, and other financial issues. The wrong information can cause financial problems for them. If there are two applicants for the same nursing home bed, the home may feel more comfortable with the the applicant who is represented by a respected Elder Law firm.

With home care agencies, the same principles apply, although the Medicaid issues and timing different. Having a good Elder Law team on your side can be a real advantage.

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