Cynthia P. Kuster

Cindy is our Director of Institutional Relations. This is an important position for the firm, in recognition of the fact that maintaining good relations with institutions such as hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation facilities, assisted living communities, senior residences, and home care agencies provides significant benefits to our clients.

Cindy brings a stellar background to this task. She received a Bachelor of Science degree from Brown University, and she has an MBA in Finance from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. She worked as a banker with a major bank in New York City, as an investment advisor in White Plains, NY, and has for many years held leadership positions in charitable volunteer organizations. Her volunteer efforts include serving as an elected Elder on the Board of the Budget, Finance and Property Committee of the Hudson River Presbytery.

Cindy is a skilled communicator, and her background in business, finance, and non-profits, makes her the perfect liaison for the firm with the institutions that are important to our practice. Although not an attorney, she has a solid understanding of Elder Law rules and strategies, which is extremely helpful to her role.

On the personal side, Cindy has elderly parents who have required care and services. She has become very involved in providing for and overseeing their care. As a result, she has developed an informed appreciation of the needs and concerns of our clients.